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Ever since ChatGTP was released into the public domain, we’ve been playing with it and working out ways it could be used intelligently for our clients? While the academics, Tech CEO’s and relevant government officials were thrashing out whether Artificial Intelligence is going to ‘end us’, we were looking for practical ways it might be useful?

One of our clients is a restaurant in Bryanston. Lanser’s on Main. It’s rated the best Bistro in the area on TripAdvisor, and Lanser and his team have shown enough interest in our sandpit experiments to be the perfect test case for what ‘could be’?

Last week we finished training ChatGPT on everything Lanser’s on Main. It wasn’t as easy as handing over his website URL for ChatGPT to wander through and gather information (although that was part of it). The heavy lifting was building a document for it to read and learn from, on every angle we could come up with. In the end, it consisted of hundreds of possible questions and answers people might ask (and we’re not finished yet). Having built ‘automated bots’ for websites for the past few years, you’ll not imagine the questions people will ask on a given subject, and more importantly, how they’ll ask them. In the old days you had to get pretty close to predicting. Today, there’s a lot more ‘play’ allowed for a great answer to be delivered.

Ozee is Given Life

Today we’re turning the Bot for Lanser’s on Main on, and letting it play with his guests and future guests via the website (bottom left corner). It’s name is Ozee, and it’ll greet you with:

Hi my name is Ozee. I think I’m a really intelligent Bot. Ask me something about Lanser’s on Main

Ozee is only trained on Lanser’s on Main, and in theory Ozee isn’t supposed to tell you who the President of South Africa is, or even take a guess at the weekends Lottery numbers. However, if you want to know the opening hours of Lanser’s on Main, whether there are vegetarian options, or what’s in the Steak Tartare, Ozee is going to shine (in theory).

We’ve only allowed Ozee to answer 4  of your questions at a time (within a particular time period). We’re doing this to watch Ozee for now, and also because each answer has a cost, and we don’t want a lonely human, with 2 bottles of wine in them, playing with Ozee for hours on end. Well, not just yet.

A Hybrid Model Makes Sense

The reason we embarked on this project is because a hybrid model makes sense to us. Websites are still useful for many things, but if a Bot can intelligently answer questions about some of the information you’re not sure where to find, why wouldn’t you ask it? It’ll save you tons of time if Ozee can do the heavy lifting and answer your questions about Lanser’s on Main, while you work out what date you’d like to make a booking.

The future is always arriving. Let’s see how Ozee does?