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What it must be like to have a brand like Harley Davidson to think about, creatively…. sigh. Oh the things you can consider doing……

Last week I got send a copy of an emailer that Harley Davidson put out, by a guy named David I met while in West Palm Beach. I’d made the mistake of suggesting that while Harley Davidson has a Powerhouse brand, and a devoted and loyal following, their product might be slightly inferior. David set me right with a very detailed email, and continues to invest in my education 🙂 I’ve learned much.

Back to the emailer. It’s headline is “For the Truly Devoted”, just before it teases you with three exclusive experiences being arranged by the Harley Davidson Museum, which can be found in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. David suggests:

Below are some new concepts they are testing to build exclusivity and involvement – a clever paradox.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.02.39 PM

This will set you back R33 900

harley davidson museum experience

This one is a bargain at R22 800

harley davidson museum experience

This one, and it does sound really cool, is a fairly hefty R56 500

When you’ve got a Powerhouse brand like Harley Davidson, you can get creative around some really cool stuff. You can dream, and you can be bold, and you can put together exclusive experiences like this, and I imagine, be fairly confident you’ll fill them in no time at all.

And yes, this is envy you’re watching seep through the screen 🙂