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If you have a business, then in some way shape or form you make use of at least one Facebook Product (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger, etc)

Last night (SA time) was the mostly annual Facebook F8. It’s intended for developers and entrepreneurs who build products and services around Facebook’s many products. It’s not, however, only for developers and entrepreneurs who build things off of one or many of their platforms. In my opinion, it’s also for every Business owner as well. For you, because it gives you a tiny glimpse of the near future.

Facebook alone has around 2.4 billion monthly active users. Drop another 2.5 billion for Messenger and Whatsapp, and you have a large chunk of the world being influenced by every move Facebook makes. Last night Mark Zuckerberg made lots of announcements about the direction Facebook is headed, and the changes that can be expected.

The Future has already Happened

One of my favourite quotes is from William Gibson:

The Future has already happened. It’s just unequally distributed

When something as large as Facebook takes a view of what people want and will want, and then begins to design for it, the spill over effect to the rest of us is enormous. Any business owner should consider what impact these changes may have on their customers, as well as how your business can take advantage of the new additions and direction?

F8 is a pronouncement of the future. All we’re waiting for now is the distribution.

At Calidascope the next few weeks will be made of of conversations around these changes and the possible impact on each of our clients. Not all industries will be impacted in the same way, but we’re certain all industries will be impacted in some way.

Watch Facebook F8

I’d recommend you watch the 40 minute address by Zuckerberg, for full impact and context (see video below). Or you can take the fast way and read a summary, like this one from BuzzFeed – Here Are All The New Facebook, Instagram, And WhatsApp Features Announced At F8.

These are BuzzFeed’s highlights.

  • Instagram has a new Create Mode.
  • Instagram is hiding like counts from followers in a test to see if you’ll feel less horrible.
  • Facebook is making it easier for you to date your friends too.
  • Facebook wants to help you meet new friends.
  • WhatsApp will let businesses display entire product catalogs directly on their profiles.
  • Some influencers can now add shopping tags to posts.
  • Instagram’s new “donation stickers” allow people to raise money for charity through stories.
  • Groups will be a more prominent part of Facebook.
  • No more blue. Facebook’s new design rolls out today in the US.
  • Facebook Messenger is getting a desktop app for Windows and Mac.
  • And you will be able to watch a video with multiple people, in real time, over Messenger now.
  • “The future is private.”