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Right up front, for transparency sake, Lanser’s on Main is a client of Calidascope.

Well done Lanser’s on Main, a new Bistro Restaurant in Bryanston. In just 3 months, they’ve taken their TripAdvisor ranking from 43rd down to 7th, for the Bryanston area. They’re located in a quiet centre on Main Road, one block up from the Dimension Data Campus. If you own a business in the hospitality industry then you know this is an achievement worthy of congratulations.

After Chris Bethell took the non-existent restaurant, The Shed, to London’s number one restaurant on TripAdvisor, the review platform has been on high alert and become a lot more difficult to navigate. Lanser, the hands on owner of Lanser’s on Main, will tell you that in the early days some of his guest’s TripAdvisor reviews just didn’t make it onto his page. We couldn’t find a reason why not, and eventually wrote it off to TripAdvisor being more cautious?

There’s no doubt that moving up TripAdvisor’s rankings requires hard work. Both digital and physical. While Chris Bethell was able to game the system, the rest of the world do it be sheer hard work. There’s no easy digital solution to a good TripAdvisor review. Of course digital plays a critical role in terms of following up on guests, and replying to reviews, but movement happens when you provide your guests with a great product and service, and they in return, show their appreciation through a great review.

No Average Review

At Calidascope we’re not convinced there are many average reviews. For anyone to write a review, they need to be moved to do so. Reviews take time, and there’s no payment given for a review. For someone to sit down, look up a venue, and find the correct place to write takes time and effort. Unless they’re one of those rare people who review a lot, they’re probably writing about their experience because it was great or it was crap. Those two emotions are enough to move people. The emotions in between, probably not.